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IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. is a credited manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, tags and wristbands, specializing in passive RFID. We provide the latest advances in security enhanced products such as RFID labels, RFID tags and wristbands, UIDs, sensor tags, hardware, software, invisible printing and professional services.

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. provides IC-TAG™ Passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID) and Unique Identification (UID) products to US Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and General Services Administration (GSA).  All IC-TAG™ products are manufactured according to MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130M standards. We have extensive experience helping customers meet their DoD RFID compliance while keeping price of RFID affordable and the quality nearly perfect.

Security enhanced products, such as passive RFID and UID, should not only be considered as DoD mandate compliance. Utilization of security enhanced products within your internal supply chain can deliver many positive benefits. For example, using RFID technology has the potential to greatly improve not only asset visibility, but also data quality, inventory management, and improving your supply chain. We provide all the necessary tools to integrate and optimize any labeling infrastructure. 

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. offers a large line of security enhanced products that offer a multi-layer approach to brand protection. Security enhanced products include IC-TAG™ RFID, watermarks, preprinted logos, UV/invisible printing and glow in the dark printing. Our employees are experts in their fields and are knowledgeable on the importance of being a lean manufacturer. We continue to invest in processes and machinery to stay ahead of the latest technological advances. Our company’s market reach extends to both domestic and foreign industries.

IC-TAG’s proven RFID media manufacturing capabilities and applications engineering group combine to deliver smart solutions to meet your needs. IC-TAG experts, from the lab to the production floor, specialize in perfecting facestocks, converting techniques and adhesives. This expertise allows us to develop customized solutions, including a wide variety of choices in: 

  • Media facestocks, from low cost papers to durable films 
  • Passive RFID labels and tags, including HF and UHF
  • Registered RFID inlay placement, particularly important in post printing operations 
  • Roll, fanfold or singulated format 
  • Custom Label shapes and sizes  
  • Permanent and removable adhesives
  • Pre-printed and preprogrammed options

Value Proposition
We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service, design and manufacturing. Our team of label experts will help you find the right labeling solution, quickly and at a great price. 

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. offers free samples of any of our quality products. We provide various inventory management programs and credit terms. Our IC-TAG products have a one year warranty. We also offer free technical support throughout the life of the product. This factory service ensures that our team will bring your printer/label/software back to working conditions every time.

IC-TAG products have been independently tested to ensure compliance with the Department of Defenses’ requirements for UID and DoD RFID labeling.

Strong industry partnerships with raw goods suppliers allow us to keep price of RFID and other security enhanced products competitive and delivery reliable. IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. partners with many companies to provide value-added, scale and geographic reach to our solutions. Our partners include VAR's, distributors, hardware and software providers, non-for-profit, standards associations and education providers.
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