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IC-TAG Signs Distribution Agreement with BlueStar, Inc.
Discovering a New RFID Distribution Channel 

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc, a manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels, tags and other media, specializing in RFID, announced the signing of a distribution agreement with BlueStar, Inc., the leading global innovator in solutions-based distribution for Auto ID, POS, Mobility, RFID, Digital Signage, and ID and Security products, as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Thermamark branded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labeling products. 

Building strong relationships with distribution experts such as BlueStar, is a vital step in IC-TAG Solution’s continued growth around the world. The agreement also furthers BlueStar's commitment to growing specialty technology markets by strengthening and enlarging the RFID channel to territories in United States, Canada and Latin America. IC-TAG’s commitment to RFID includes offering a broad Thermamark branded RFID product selection, fast delivery, technical knowledge, online ordering and much more. The RFID label portfolio consists of a variety of RFID, from item level RFID labels, such as 4”x1” film thermal transfer labels featured with Avery Dennison UHF AD-227 inlays as well as an array of fanfold and direct thermal label options. 

All Thermamark branded RFID labels are available in small order quantity, making it ideal for customer pilot runs and setup of equipment. Thermamark branded RFID labels also come with a trailer and recyclable packaging. IC-TAG Solutions  incorporates  black liner marks, known as sensor marks for printer sensing and precise RFID inlay placement on all RFID Thermamark branded products. In addition, engineering specification sheets are available and included with all samples. 

Distribution’s stock replenishment processes, same day shipping, drop shipping and customized packaging programs ensure that the end-user will get a quality product, quickly and at the desired quantity. “We're committed to offering products to reseller customers that will provide the best opportunities for success in a competitive RFID market”, says Michael Billis, Sales Manager of IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. "We're confident that this will be a successful partnership, especially given BlueStar' exceptional proficiency in distribution and support of RFID technology products.” BlueStar's unique value-added marketing strategies and IC-TAG's stock portfolio will help many customers.

For more information about BlueStar’s RFID offering, please contact Dan Miller, RFID Program Manager at 877-519-0850 ex 4214. To order Thermamark branded RFID labels, please visit Bluestar’s online store at www.bluestoreinc.com and search for “IC4X” for labels and “ICH” for hangtags.