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IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. Offers RFID Encoded Tags

A few years ago, DLA issued a mandate stating that all DLA suppliers must include RFID tags on all items that are shipped to its 25 supply depots. This DLA RFID mandate greatly decreased the occurrence of shipment errors which will prevent loss of inventory and save nearly 100 million dollars a year. Any suppliers that are not compliant with the mandate will receive negative performance ratings from the DLA which will greatly reduce their chance of winning future bids on government contracts. 

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. offers various RFID tags to help suppliers comply with the DLA RFID mandate. To view IC-TAG’s popular products, visit http://www.ictagsolutions.com/ProductCatalog.html 

Furthermore, IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. recently launched its new OnDemand Bureau Webpage, www.ictagsolutions.com/OnDemand, which offers suppliers the opportunity to easily provide the necessary RFID encoding information for orders being shipped to the DLA. With the information provided, IC-TAG is able to create and encode the RFID tags properly for DLA compliance. Each OnDemand Bureau order will include a certification with proof of proper encoding and verification of the RFID tags. The experts at IC-TAG provide helpful RFID insight and create custom orders when necessary. 

The DLA also employed item-level tagging on all apparel goods such as uniforms and boots. This ensured that trainees get the right quantity of items, as well as the right size. This item-level RFID tagging was successful in reducing the inventory error rate from 5 percent to .2 percent at Lackland Airforce Base. Before the RFID implementation occurred, one out of every 20 boxes contained the wrong items. 

As a DLA and GSA contractor ourselves, we understand the importance of 100 percent accuracy when shipping to the government. RFID tags are an excellent way to increase shipping accuracy and optimize inventory management. This is why IC-TAG offers not only the OnDemand Bureau but also many other RFID solutions such as RFID apparel tagsRFID labels (direct thermal, thermal transfer, paper or poly film). 

For more information about the IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. OnDemand Bureau Webpage and other RFID solutions please email info@ictagsolutions.com or call 973-808-TAGS. 

To find IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. on GSA Advantage visit www.gsaadvantage.gov/ and search for IC-TAG Solutions, Inc or Contract #GS-02F-0164X