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Passive RFID and UID Solutions for DoD Suppliers

Since the United States Department of Defense mandates, IC-TAG has become a reliable provider of all passive RFID and UID solutions that meet DoD compliance requirements. “We are proud that substantial part of our RFID labels are used by Department of Defense,” says Olga Green, VP of Marketing and Operations at IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. Working with our UHF and HF RFID inlay partners – Avery RFID, Alien Technology and Smartrac, we collaborated to provide DoD compliant UID and RFID labeling and data management solutions. 

Passive RFID and Unique Identification (UID) are two mandates that were issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) which require all contracts, deliverables, and government property in possession of contractors to be marked according to MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130M standards. DoD RFID requirements are independent from UID. This means that RFID label requirements do not replace any UID label requirements.

We have had great success helping customers meet their compliance requirements. Recently, IC-TAG became a GSA contract holder and is working on a new contract. “I believe the two main points in winning and retaining government contracts are to keep price of RFID competitive and the quality nearly perfect,” says Michael Billis, Sales Manager of IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. For example, our recent shipment of 300,000 RFID labels resulted in only 38 voided labels. That is an astonishing 0.00013% accuracy of our quality products. We replaced the voided labels for good usable ones and shipped them out right away. We provide all the necessary tools to integrate and optimize any labeling infrastructure.

Security enhanced products, such as passive RFID and UID, should not only be considered as USA DoD mandate compliance. Utilization of security enhanced products within your internal supply chain can deliver many positive benefits. For example, using RFID technology has the potential to greatly improve not only asset visibility, but also data quality, inventory management, and improving your supply chain. 

To learn how we can help your company ensure reliable DoD RFID and UID compliance, please contact us at info@ictagsolutions.com or call 973-808-TAGS.