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Latest RFID Offering to the Healtcare Industry

Since the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) implemented new safety goals, there have been new advances in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) implementation in the Healthcare Industry. The healthcare system uses a wide variety of processes to track patient information, from different types of insurances requiring claims in specific formats to different details and transactions from healthcare providers and clearing houses. RFID has the potential to combine different processes and improve communication, productivity and accuracy of the information. Following internal RFID implementation, hospitals are seeing increases in efficiency and accuracy, while reducing costly dangerous errors.  IC-TAG Solutions, Inc.  has launched the latest RFID tags for Healthcare such as RFID Wristbands and RF tags for Blood Bank Bags.

Our low-cost RFID wristbands, known as IC-BANDs, are made of Tyvek material and are available in many colors. They are designed for one-time use and include a self-adhesive closure to ensure that the IC-BAND stays firmly on the person’s wrist. They can be combined with UHF or HF inlays from Alien, Avery Dennison, or UPM. RFID Wristbands are great solutions for applications such as cashless payment tracking, tracking patient’s information, admissions and asset tracking.

Another one of the featured products is IC-TAG’s HF RFID label for Blood Bank Bags. This HF RFID label is ideal for identifying contents of blood and saline bags. One of the best features of this HF RFID label is that there is no ribbon required due to its heat-sensitive characteristic, allowing for clean and durable solution that is resistant to most hospital chemicals such as alcohol, soap, and bodily fluids. It comes with a unique and functional design that has a printable area (4” x 2.75”) for the patient’s information or to have a template based on the user’s method of working. The RFID labels are designed for use in most thermal transfer printers and are fully printable with barcodes and text. The IC-TAG‘s™ RFID Mobile printers, such as Zebra 2824, are designed for printing and encoding media such as IC-BANDs and Blood Bank Bag RFID labels.  

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. partners with various hardware, software and integrator providers to simplify the RFID implementation. There are UHF and HF RFID start up sample kits available and various hardware and software demonstration equipment rentals. Our start up kits are cost effective for various industries interested to deploy a total RFID solution in order to quantify the cost savings and business improvement the RFID technology can provide. While the application uses may vary, generally our start-up kits are geared toward inventory management and asset tracking.

With the right insight and knowledge to know what it takes to be on-time and on-budget, IC-TAG will provide the right RFID solution that will improve patient care, data security and efficiency. To learn more about our products and services, please call at 973-808-TAGS.