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“IC-DEMO”, an RFID JumpStart Kit
Testing RFID as it applies to your application

IC-Tag Solutions, Inc. introduces the first JumpStart Kit called the “IC-DEMO” designed to evaluate RFID and test application concepts. It allows for end-users and resellers to explore applications like tracking IT assets (laptops, servers, etc.), identifying the location of valuable test equipment, and access control for security and membership management.

IC-DEMO is the only RFID DEMO system that allows you to test RFID as it applies to your application. No special software or consultants are needed to get it up and running quickly. The IC-DEMO lets you find out exactly how RFID will work for you and experiment with applications to maximize the impact on your bottom line. Because the IC-DEMO is based on IC-TAG’s UA1000i RFID Appliance with integrated middleware, you can configure your DEMO in less than 30 minutes to meet your actual specifications. IC-TAG’s HyperSage and AnyHost software allows you to customize the data acquisition mode, timing, and data filtering. Test the read range at selectable power levels and see the impact of each RFID tag selection. All you need is the IC-DEMO and your laptop.

This kit is a great way for in-house engineers to become familiar with RFID and test or develop applications or to perform live DEMO presentations for management and board room presentations to secure project funding. This is excellent for VAR’s and resellers to take sales calls and DEMOs with end-users. Once you discover how RFID can improve your business, using the IC-TAG’s UHF Series Appliances for system deployment is just as easy as the IC-DEMO. Our UHF series appliances require no middleware and interface directly to existing infrastructure, potentially saving thousands of dollars and greatly simplifying RFID deployment.

Tag selection is a critical part to any RFID application and the included assortment of our UHF and HF RFID tags will help you identify which types of tags will work best for your applications. The IC-DEMO JumpStart Kit comes standard with a collection of tags spanning a variety of types, forms, and vendors (Avery Dennison, Smartrac, Alien Technology and much more) including on-metal and economical options. Testing specific end-user RFID applications can help find their optimum RFID tag, reading range, and evaluate many more specifications.