Tagging metal items can often be difficult due to the fact that metal reflects RF and can interfere with the reading of an RFID chip. IC-TAG offers a solution to this problem with our Metal Mount Tags. These tags are specifically designed to work on metal surfaces and, in fact, use the metal to improve tag read performance. 

Our Metal Mount Tags are incredibly durable and can withstand both harsh environments and extreme temperatures due to their plastic shells. The tags are available in UHF and HF frequencies and possess exceptional read/write capacities. The tags can be mounted in multiple ways including screwing or bolting the tags, as well as through the use of adhesives.  It is even possible to customize your tags with a company logo, bar code, etc. 

Applications of IC-TAG’s Metal Mount Tags include metal pallets, IV stands, metal containers, forklifts, warehouse racking, and can be used on many other metal surfaces for accurate asset tracking. 

IC-TAG also offers another option for tagging metal surfaces with its Foam RFID Tags
These tags separate the RFID antenna from the metal surface by using a spacer made with top-grade industrial foam. This spacer allows the RFID chip to be read successfully without any interference from the metal surface being tagged. Our Foam RFID Tags are available with multiple inlay and chip size options. 

For more information, click here or call 973-808-TAGS to speak with a sales representative. 

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Metal Mount Tags
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