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A quick glance at our proud products

Our products help identify, track and manage your critical assets and transactions accurately and more efficiently. We manufacture highest quality labeling products, ranging from continuous receipts paper, labels, and wristbands to passive RFID labels and tags, UIDs and other printing services.

IC-TAG carries a large inventory of stocked label sizes. Our stock labels are made with top coated, bright white label material and aggressive permanent adhesive that is formulated to adhere to a wide variety of packaging materials including corrugated metal, glass, plastic substrates, food labeling and cold temperature applications. Our stock labels are made of paper or film and come with thermal transfer or direct thermal coatings. Thermal Transfer labels use a ribbon to produce long-lasting images while no ribbon is used for Direct Thermal labels, which creates the image directly on the printed material.

All of our stock labels come with trailing liner so you never have to waste labels at the end of each roll. Please see current labeling specifications for our most popular stock label sizes:

Stock Label Sizes:           4”x2”, 4"x3", 4”x4”, 4”x6” and 5"x8.5"
Application Temperature: -20° F
Service Temperature:    -65° F to +300° F
Presentation Format:      Rolls (perfed, non-perfed) and fan-folded                                                                                          Available in multiple colors and graphics

IC-TAG Ribbon and Label Bundle Packs
Your perfect labels and ribbons matched and packed conveniently in one box so you never have more of one than the other, saving you money and time. We also offer a wide variety of different colors and variety upon request. We will help you determine the right label, ribbon and adhesive combination. We carry labels that can be used even in extreme environments. These labels are long-lasting and able to withstand extremes from chemicals, sterilization, ultraviolet exposure, to temperatures ranging from -4F to 176F.

OnDemand Service Bureau
Our OnDemand thermal transfer label printing service is ideal for numerous, low volume orders and barcode synchronized numbering. Our OnDemand service offers you the same high-quality label with the convenience of offsite printing and fast turnaround time.

We offer flexible shipping solutions such as stock programs (blankets), in-house inventory management and quick turnaround time.

Custom Products
IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. manufactures the highest quality of label products for various application types. We will create any custom label sizes and shapes, materials and adhesives, depending on your application requirements. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you determine the best products to satisfy your specific needs. We offer fast order turnaround and no rush charges. We also offer free design recommendations samples for testing.

Please click here or call 1-708-430-4190 to get current pricing, request free samples and obtain current stock label quantities.

When contacting us, please mention your printer's name and model or your current manufacturer's part number and we will identify and match your current product to one of ours.


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