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Mask tracking information to prevent counterfeiting and authenticate your brand

Security Enhanced Ribbons are a low cost method that allow you to add additional layers of security for both your product authentication and brand protection.

UV Secret TTR
This ribbon allows you to  print an invisible image on your tag or label that can only be seen when under ultraviolet light. The image will flare in bright florescence only under the UV light, uncovering your secret logo, barcode, or message.  Also, available is the ability to secretly track and trace information to a product or packaging so that a rerouted product can be traced back to its intended circulation path.

UV Black TTR
A great defense against counterfeiting! This ribbon prints black images that will glow when placed under ultraviolet light. It can be added without changing the appearance of your tag or label.

ReaderTrace TTR
ReaderTrace TTR is a special ribbon that carries invisible chemical markers that can only be identified by an exclusive reader.  This thermal transfer ribbon is a great solution for tracking certain products and product diversion.

There are ribbons beyond those listed that may be suitable for your application. Please click here for more info.

Security Enhanced Thermal Transfer Ribbons
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