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Sensor Tags
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IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. now provides high-frequency (HF) passive 13.56 MHz RFID Sensor Tags which enable the detection of gases and toxic compounds. Other types of measurement classes include moisture, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. These Avery HF Inlays can be used in a variety of industries and applications including food assurance, agriculture, chemical and industrial, and pharmaceutical.  The Sensor Tags have a unique sensing approach which is capable of providing selective quantification of chemical agents with low detection limits, and can operate in the presence of humidity and other interferences.

     How It Works
  • Unique, application-specific sensing film applied to passive, HF RFID tag.
  • Baseline RF Signature is captured and stored.
  • User interacts with the sensor film, changing the RF properties of the tag.
  • Reader activates tag, read and compares altered RF, and determines measurement value.