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RFID Apparel Tags

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. offers RFID Apparel Tags which are RFID tags that can be applied directly to various garments, blankets, towels, robes, etc.  These RFID tags consist of laundry tags which can be found on the inside of garments, hang tags which are used to price items, RFID EAS tags which prevent theft, encapsulated woven tags, plastic encapsulated tags, and RFID labels which come with a special adhesive that will not damage clothing.

Our RFID Apparel Tags are available in both HF and UHF frequencies and allow for easy asset tracking in many industries including the hospitality, retail, garment, and healthcare industries.  IC-TAG’s RFID Apparel Tag portfolio can help track inventory, create an improved in-store shopping experience for customers, and enhance supply chain operations.

Our RFID Laundry Tags, also known as “care labels,” can be washed or dry-cleaned up to 200 times and are resistant to high temperatures which allows for ironing and heat-drying. These RFID tags are also very resistant to water, solvents, and various chemicals including bleach, detergents, and fabric softeners. IC-TAG’s Laundry Tags can be attached to products through heat-sealing or they can be placed into small pouches and then sewn into a seam or hem.

Another special type of RFID Apparel Tag is an EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tag. This type of tag uses a sensor to identify items as they pass through a gate, typically located at the entrance of a store. EAS tags help to prevent shoplifting due to the fact that an item with an EAS tag attached will cause an alarm to sound if it passes through the designated gate area.

IC-TAG’s RFID Apparel Tags are also customizable using a variety of printing processes including offset, rotary, thermal, and digital. We can meet the needs of almost any application with our RFID Apparel Tag portfolio which includes encapsulated woven tags, plastic tags, garment care labels, self adhesive labels, and many more. For more information, click here or call us at 708-430-4190 to speak with a sales representative

Animal Tags

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of RFID Animal Tags for many applications. The tags come with an embedded RFID chip which is available in both UHF and LF frequencies. RFID Animal Tags are often used on farms to keep track of animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. IC-TAG’s RFID Animal Tags can be used to store information such as the age of the animal, home address, feeding schedules, vaccinations, and other medical information.

At IC-TAG, we offer RFID Animal Tags that can be applied either to the ear or to the foot of the animal. RFID ear tags are made of plastic and can easily be attached to the animal through a piercing in its ear without causing any harm to the animal. Our RFID ear tags come in a variety of shapes and based on application requirements. They can also be customized through silkscreen printing with logos or serial numbers.

IC-TAG’s RFID foot ring tags are gently applied to the foot of the animal, typically small animals such as poultry and other birds.  Our RFID foot ring tags are made of an ABS material and are durable, soft, and water-resistant. These tags can also be ordered in different sizes depending on the size of the animal or bird to be tagged.

For more information, click here or call us at 708-430-4190 to speak with a sales representative.
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