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IC-TAG’s Traveler Tags are a convenient way of asset tracking, as well as a way for the DoD to keep track of shipments.  Our Traveler Tags come pre-programmed with your company’s information and are RFID compliant with DFARS 252.211-7006 requirements. IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. will easily create your 4”x3” Traveler Tags which comes with a 4"x2" tag and 4”x1” duplicate peel-off Traveler label when you supply just a few simple pieces of information on our OnDemand page.

Our Traveler Tags can be used on multiple contracts and are not contract or part number specific. IC-TAG will also send a certifications proof of proper encoding and verification of your RFID tags to make data entry into both the WAWF and your own systems quite simple.

For more information, click here or call 708-430-4190 to speak with a sales representative

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Traveler Tags