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IC-TAG’s RFID wristbands, known as IC-BANDS, are a great way to achieve RFID tracking for a wide variety of applications. IC-BANDS can be embedded with UHF or HF inlays from Alien, Avery Dennison, or UPM. RFID wristband uses include hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, theme parks, trade shows, festivals, cashless payment, and asset tracking.

IC-BANDS are available in a variety of materials including nylon, PVC, Plastic, Tyvek and silicone. Depending on your requirements, we offer wristbands that are flexible and easy to wear which allows them to be worn for days without any discomfort. We also feature low-cost RFID wristbands which are perfect for one-time use. Customizable qualities vary based on the material of the wristband but can include multiple options for size, color, and graphics.

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